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Who We Are

Advanced Computing Labs is a pioneering entrepreneurial effort in the IT education sector. We are not a conventional training institute that offers a bouquet of modules, nor are we an alternative to conventional colleges. Instead, we are a churning ground for cross-skilled professionals adept at the full stack of cloud architecture.

One of the biggest challenges being faced by the IT industry is the lack of job-ready professionals. This is primarily due to the mutual isolation between the industry & the academia (including private training institutes). Our existence is derived from the sole purpose of bridging this gap.

Our Philosophy

We believe that a thorough conceptual understanding of the core underlying architecture is what separates the best from the rest. We also believe that the competence of an employee at the workplace goes far beyond the technical aspect. In effect, all-round development of the course participants, with adequate importance given to all facets of their skills & personality, is ACL's primary focus area.

Our Vision

Professionals with the ability & confidence to perform in any functional vertical of cloud computing. A steady supply of such professionals who are productive at the workplace from day 1. Happy employers who have the freedom to focus on their core functions instead of having to shoulder the responsibility of finishing half-baked products & the loss of attrition.

Our Approach

Our course is developed by experienced industry professionals who know where the shoe pinches. It follows a rigorous hands-on learning flow that demands a high amount of dedication & open-minded application. The course follows a pedagogy that mirrors real-life workplaces unlike traditional training institute pedagogy. This inculcates the cultural aspects of the workplace into the participant at a deep level. We are also concerned primarily with quality; quantity doesn't even make it to our list of priorities. So, being a part of the course is not a matter of choice, but a function of one's aptitude, resourcefulness & clarity of thought.

Our Goal

Making the world a better place has been monopolised by Silicon Valley. So we decided to create the best cloud computing talent possible. (Yes, despite all our seriousness, we have a sense of humour too).

Cloud Computing

The Module

A bootcamp on the cloud. Start from the absolute basics like OS fundamentals (they are far more important than they are seen to be) and go on to where you understand each individual nut & bolt that makes up feature-rich cloud platforms like Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure & Google Cloud. This module is as wide in scope as it is deep. Get your hands dirty working on your own personal server with no restrictions except cleaning up your mess behind you.

The Opportunity

We live in a time when the cloud is breaking new ground in new applications by the day. This translates into a huge increase in the demand for skilled cloud professionals in the years to come. With the added advantage of the comprehensive course that this module is a part of, the participants will be at the forefront of the supply aiming to meet this demand.

Module Highlights

  • Installing, configuring & maintaining popular Linux distros
  • Linux Shell Scripting
  • Cloud Architecture Primer
  • Installing, configuring & maintaining common cloud platforms
  • Server Configuration & Troubleshooting
  • Explore deeper by choosing Cloud Administration as your specialization elective

Data Science

The Module

Learn to navigate the maze of data with the tools of a game character on a cheat code. Participants will work on storing & optimizing data efficiently, conceptualizing analytical models as per specific project needs, effectively analyzing historical data to predict future trends, using big data tools and several other data applications using the industry-leading tools for these purposes.

The Opportunity

As the cliche goes, data is the new oil. It is already powering economies of considerable heft (think Google & Facebook) and this is just the beginning. Data Science is not moving into new horizons, finance, media & governance being just a few notable examples. With the emergence of applications like AI, we are all set for the next level of geometric progression. ACL's course equips you to meet this progression head-on, as you won't be a mere analytics professional, but a fully functional data scientist.

Module Highlights

  • Database Administration & Programming Basics
  • The SQL programming language
  • Data Modelling & Analytics
  • Explore deeper by choosing Data Science as your specialization elective

Platform Development

The Module

This is not your typical programming course. Before the course gets down to actual coding, ACL gets the participants acquainted with the essentials of Project Management as well as the latest trends in how projects & workflows are handled in organisations. By the time they get to the actual technologies, they will already be operating like a professional, thus enabling them to imbibe not just the syntax & usage of the languages, but also development best practices.

The Opportunity

The current paradigm in computing is one of convergence. The cloud has opened up new vistas of synergy between aspects of our life that so far seemed completely unrelated. This has made interoperability & scalability the primary needs of any development effort that seeks relevance. ACL's course has been designed keeping in mind this in mind. Course participants will be armed not only with core programming skills, but also a better understanding of the environment their code will be deployed in, thus giving them an edge.

Module highlights

  • Project Management
  • Programming in PHP
  • Development using Python & Perl
  • Explore deeper by choosing Scalable Application Development as your specialization elective

Why ACL?

Hands-on Approach

Our course comprises of 600+ hours of hands-on experience on the participant’s personal cloud server. This is unprecedented and beats the closest competition by a mile.


Our course is conceptualised, designed & delivered by the same team, ensuring consistency of thought & flow. Not just that, the team also has more than 100 years of technical leadership experience, which no other training outlet brings to the table.

Quality, not Quantity

ACL has an uncompromising philosophical commitment towards producing quality talent. To ensure the quality of output, we start with quality input. Our stringent qualification procedure is aimed at choosing applicants with the right aptitude & capacity for learning.

Bigger Picture

As opposed to the traditional training conventions, which offer off-the-shelf pre-packaged modules, which are then delivered in complete isolation, ACL’s course has been created with the bigger picture in mind. Each of our modules ties in with the others, which is how it is in real-life live environments. Cross-skilling our participants, instead of the traditional multi-skilling, is our forte.

Last, but not the least, 100% employment assurance

  • Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.

    Paul Maritz
  • I don't need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster... carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison.

    Steve Jobs
  • The interesting thing about cloud computing is that we've redefined cloud computing to include everything that we already do.

    Richard Stallman

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